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BJ Hughes Foundation Scholarships – Awarded Annually

The BJ Hughes Foundation awards two scholarships on an annual basis to individuals who are using their education to set them on the path to entrepreneurial success: one through the University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine, the other through the University of Saskatchewan, College of Veterinary Science.

Dr. Susan Ambrose Scholarship – University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Susan Ambrose is the definition of an entrepreneur who has taken her passion and turned it into a financial success story. Since Dr. Ambrose’s graduation from the University of Saskatchewan’s Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1988, she has dedicated her career to providing the highest, most comprehensive care for her animal patients, and their owners. In 1998, Dr. Ambrose opened the Ambrose Veterinary House Call Practice (AVHC) to allow her to combine her love and passion for animal care, with that of maintaining a balanced family life. An inspiration, Dr. Ambrose shows that it is possible to have a successful career, while being able to raise a family at the same time. Some innovative thinking, a desire to succeed in her career, and the determination for a balanced life have helped Dr. Ambrose achieve her own “impossible” dream.

The Dr. Susan Ambrose Scholarship is given to a student who is in their third or fourth year of school at the University of Saskatchewan’s Western College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Shelagh Lindsay Medical Scholarship – University of Calgary

Dr. Shelagh Lindsay has made countless contributions to her community, her patients, and her profession as a whole. After receiving her MD from the University of Calgary in 1976, Dr. Lindsay has continually connected to people, building strong doctor – patient relationships and providing better patient care, particularly through her work with First Nations people. Developing her lifelong passion of cross-cultural medicine for over 30 years, Dr. Lindsay’s shares her expertise and is a mentor to numerous medical students and clinical clerks. Turning her own dream of working in city, rural and cross-cultural medicine, Dr. Lindsay is proof that no matter what profession one is in, creating a successful entrepreneurial path is an achievable dream.

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