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Bev Hughes

Bev Hughes, founder and CEO of the BJ Hughes Foundation for the development of entrepreneurial women, is an inspiration when it comes to entrepreneurial success.

In 1990, after 23 years in the staffing industry, the latter portion as a Global Loss Prevention Manager with a multi-national staffing supplier, Bev Hughes realized the need for a new concept in staffing services. Bev established Mark Personnel Inc. as a one-person office, to prove that “it could be done the way it should be done!”. Her vision was to create and foster an environment that respected the applicants while recognizing and developing their skill sets, thereby encouraging their “familial” tie to Mark Staffing Services (MSS).

In her first year of operation, Bev had secured 17 clients and today MSS still conducts business with 13 of them! Since that time, the business has grown to include a dedicated cross-trained staff of twenty, offering customized quality staffing solutions to the most successful corporations in Calgary, Alberta.

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